报告题目:Complex Optical Fields: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives

报告人: 詹其文,  教授,  上海理工大学/美国代顿大学




摘要: Driven by their potential applications, complex optical fields with spatially tailored amplitude, phase and polarization within the cross section have drawn significant attention recently. In this talk I will review some of the latest development of this rapidly growing field of optics and offer a general overview of the current status of this field in a few areas. Particularly a time-reversal methodology for the creation of a wide variety of exotic optical focal fields with prescribed characteristics within the focal volume will be presented. Recently developed methods for the generation of complex optical fields that utilize a vectorial optical field generator, fiber lasers, and metasurfaces are summarized. I will also present the interactions of these complex optical fields with various micro- and nano- structures and discuss their perspective applications.

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